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establishment expansion experienced exploration exuberance Fair Faith family fantasy Fatherhood Fear financial loss financial windfall Five of Air Five of Cups Five of Pentacles Five of Wands five of water foresight Four of Cups Four of Earth Four of Fire Four of Pentacles Four of Wands Four of Water free spirit Freedom friendly Fulfillment Gemini Generosity generous Good Fortune good luck Gracefuil Greatness Group group identification Guidance happiness happy family life Hard Control harmony hasty healing Health Hermit higher mind higher powers home Honest honorable Hope hopelessness i ntrospection Idealistic ignorance Illusion illusions Imagination impartial imprisonment Impulsive indecision independent Inexorable Forces inheritance initial fulfillment Inner Calling inner guidance innocence insecurity Insights Inspiration Integration Intelligent intense anxiety Introspection intuition intuitive Involvement isolation Judgment Justice karma kind King of Air King of Cups King of Earth King of Fire King of Pentacles King of Water Knight of Air Knight of Cups Knight of Earth Knight of Fire Knight of Pentacles Knight of Water Lack of self-confidence learning Leo letting go Libra life cycles Logical long-term planning loss Love of Life loving loyal Magical Major Arcana manifestation marriage materialism maturity meditation mental clarity Minor Arcana mischievous money is tight motherhood Motivational movement Moving on to new situation moving to a better emotional place Mystery nature new financial opportunity nightmares Nine of Earth Nine of Swords Nine of Wands nostalgia opinionated outgoing Page of Air Page of Fire Page of Wands Page of Water partnerships party passionate patience patient perseverance persistence Personal Beliefs personal vision Pisces Pleasure positive change possessiveness poverty power practical preparation professional progress prosperity public recognition Queen of Air Queen of Cups Queen of Earth Queen of Fire Queen of Wands Queen of Water raw power realistic Rebirth re-evaluation regret regroup Regulation Relationship Relationships relaxation Release religion Renewal resilience respected Responsibility responsible restless restriction retirement reunion Revelation Review Belief Systems Review Important Documents review spending Rhonda Kuykendall-Jabari Rider Waite Rider Waite Tarot Romance romantic RRider Waite Tarot sacrifice Sadness Sagittarius scholarly Scorpio Searching Self-assertion self-assured self-confidence self-imposed restriction senses sensible sensitive Serenity Seven of Cups Seven of Fire Seven of Wands seven of water Sexuality Six of Air Six of Cups six of swords Six of Wands Six of Water Soft Control Solitude soul-searching spirituality Spontaniety stability stalemate Strength strife Structure subconscious success successful successful self-employment Sudden Change suspension Tarot Tarot Readings Tarot Card of the Day Tarot of the Day Tarot Readings Taurus teamwork Temperance ten of air Ten of Cups Ten of Pentacles tenderhearted tension test of faith The Chariot The Devil The Emperor The Hanged Man The Hermit The High Priestess The Lovers The Magician The Moon The Star The Sun The Tower The Wheel The World thoughtful Three of Fire Three of Pentacles three of wands Three or Water tireless tradition Transition trapped Travel trustworthy Trustworthy relationships Truths turning point Two of Cups Two of Earth Two of Water unified love union vacation Values values alignment vibrancy Victory Virgo Vitality Warm warmth wealth Wheel of Fortune Will will power Wishes Come True wishful thinking withdrawal witty worry

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King of Water

Angel Tarot Card - King of Water

"Open your heart and mind to those around you. Trustworthy and heartfelt advice. Charity work."

It's in your nature to listen to and counsel people. Your advice is often comforting and kind, based on your own life experience. Stay open to others' ideas, even if they are different from yours. Helpful advice may be offered to you by someone you can completely trust. A male who is your age or older and born under a water sign (Cancer, Sciorpio, Pisces). Follow his or her suggestions carefully.


Queen of Earth

Angel Tarot Card - Queen of Earth

"Make time for those around you. Take a sensible approach. Deal with challenges in a kind and understanding manner."

You have much to give to friends, family and thoes less fortunate. When faced with challenges, use the resources available to you and handle with kindness.

The Queen of Earth may represent an actual person in your life who is your age or older then you and born under an earth sign (Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo).



6 of Water

Angel Tarot Card - Six of Water

"Memories from your history or childhood. Issues regarding childhood.  Romanticizing about the past."

A memory, event or person from your past that you thought was over and done will resurface.  Out of habit or a sense of nostalgia, your initial urge will be to repeat past behavior.  Remember, that was then and this is now.  Resist the urge to repeat past behaviors that won't serve you well today. 


King of Fire

Angel Tarot Card - King of Fire

Ask yourself is "what is the best use of my time right now?" You're a leader.  Your passion and excitement serve as inspiration to others.  Stay focused on the task at hand.  If you're feeling blocked, creatively, you may receive advice from someone who inspires you and who is creative in his own right.  It will likely be a male born under a fire sign (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius).


5 of Air

Angel Tarot Card - Five of Air

You are reminded that sometimes, choices are difficult; especially when we are weary, confused and overwhelmed. Unwise choices are part of our learning experience. When possible, pick and choose your battles. Consider the motives of everyone involved. Opt to fight for what is worthy. If you find you've made an unwise choice, extract the lesson and move on. It's not the end of the world.